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2011-02-28 22:33:15 by AisareneMusic

Well, hello Newgrounds, long time no talk. A lot is going on so I want to keep you updated!

First, THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH for the support, and keeping me in the 4.40 range o.O. You are all awesome!

Now, for the news.

1) I have set my goal for my career. It is up to my friends/fans (YOU GUYS) to help me obtain it. My goal is to sing for Basshunter in at least one song. I refuse to stop this goal until it is accomplished, or he turns me down. (He WILL know my name.)
--------------->How can you guys help me?<--------------------
-Subscribe to me on YouTube (
-Fan me on Facebook (
-Buy something from my (epic) apparel store: (
-Keep COMMENTING on my videos
-PRODUCERS: Send me a request. Seriously. I need music, you need a singer. :D

2) I'm working on new stuff. With Xayro Seversky. You will see soon (I hope).

3) I am going to do a lot better with keeping you all up-to-date with music, and all. I am revamping my pages. You should add me!

Now, I would like to say thank you:
To the 126 people who have subscribed to me on YouTube.
To the 87 people who have 'like'd me on Facebook.
To the 59 of you here on Newgrounds that have put me on your favorite artist list.
To those of you who are here, supporting me in my dreams and goals.
I love you all. Really, I do.

Peace & Bass,


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2011-02-28 23:09:03



2011-03-02 22:12:29

The shirt with the heartbeat and EQ graphics is pretty cool =)


2011-03-05 04:36:22

i love you 2 :P


2011-03-08 15:11:32

You should release vocal packs for small labels to get your name out there first. Eventually you may be signed to a label as a vocalist/producer, then you could have a bit more pull for basshunter.

(Though I don't agree with trying to sing for him 8/ )


2011-03-09 07:03:34

Your songs are great
I love you sister! :D


2011-06-15 23:31:17

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